Introducing TePe's New Healthy Smiles 21 Program

Twenty-one days. If you browse through the self-help aisle at your local bookstore, you’ll see one number come up consistently: 21. 21 Days to a Skinnier You. 21 Days to Find Your Perfect Career. 21 Days to a Better Self Image. Whatever the topic, 21 days seems to be suggested length of time it takes to achieve what you want.


That is why TePe is launching the Healthy Smiles 21 program!


The idea of a new habit forming in that time has been debated for years. It originated when a plastic surgeon observed that people become comfortable with their new image or adapted to the loss of a limb after 21 days. The truth is, everyone is different and developing a habit within 21 days may work for some but maybe not for others. But, it is a good start and a very achievable goal.


For me, as a hygienist, TePe’s Healthy Smiles 21 program is exciting because now I have another reason to encourage my patients to use TePe brushes to improve their homecare. I like to think my love of the product and evangelistic words are what motivate them, but it might also be the threat of needing periodontal surgery or costly restorative work. It is amazing to see the enthusiasm patients develop when they see a choice between a treatment plan and pain in their future. With this 21-day program, hygienists will be able to encourage patients who need to improve their homecare and provide them with as a plan, as well as free brushes to get them through the first 21 days. After the 21 days, the patient can contact TePe and receive a discount on their order of more products or can be placed on an auto-ship plan.  I love the idea of the auto-ship plan.  When patients are left on their own to remember to buy the products I suggest, they will almost always forget. That is, until they get the reminder card in the mail that their next appointment is coming up! I am sure most of you can relate. TePe’s goal is to encourage the patient to continue these good habits between their visits. Since we cannot call our patients every day and remind them to perform the habits we taught them at their last visit, the auto-ship program from TePe is the next best thing. With good habits, we can compliment and praise our patients instead of being the constant reminder that they need to improve. It’s a win-win for everyone!


Some thoughts on how to help our patients develop good home care routines: 



    1. Encourage them to find a good time in the day to perform their homecare habits. We all know bedtime is the best time to brush, floss and use our interdental brushes. The reality is people fill their days to the point of exhaustion and asking someone to remember to spend an extra 5 minutes in the bathroom is like pulling teeth.  Pardon the pun.  So, if the morning is best, or after lunch, during the kids naptime, or maybe even while sitting in traffic on the way home (not while actually driving, of course) then encourage those times rather than being sticklers for nighttime homecare.
    2. Research says that if you develop a parallel pattern you are more likely to keep good habits. For instance, when you feel like you want to snack aimlessly and you’re not hungry, grab a TePe interdental brush.  Most of the time we are bored and just need to do something to keep our minds occupied, so why not clean your teeth.  I know I have high hopes for this but I was raised to floss my teeth while watching TV, so this idea to me is not strange.  After dinner there was floss on the coffee table and we all grabbed a piece and flossed while watching our night time shows.
    3. Keep track! Make a chart on your mirror and put a tally for every time you use the brushes or an X on a calendar.  Making that tally mark is always rewarding. 
    4. Encourage your patients to tell a friend or spouse that they are trying to improve their homecare and to ask them how they are doing.  We can come up with so many excuses why we didn’t follow through with our goals but if you have someone holding you accountable it is much harder to explain those excuses to them.
    5. The brushes are free for 21 days! Who doesn’t want to save some money? TePe wants patients to be successful and when they are, they should be rewarded.  And don’t forget about auto-shipping. For me, I will almost always run out before I remember to order products and that is when my good habit dies. With auto-shipping, the hard part is already done. Before you run out, you already have your next set of brushes on their way.

    Remember, to be able to get your patients started on the Healthy Smiles 21 program, the office needs to have a practice box with the 9 different sizes. Sizing the patient is the most important part. We want them to have the correct size brush so they are the most effective with their interdental cleaning. Once the patient is sized, mark it on the Healthy Smiles 21 form and send the patients to us. They can call or go online to register and we will send out their brushes. If you or your patients have any questions about how to size the interdental space, use the brushes, or have questions about our line of specialty brushes, please check out our instructional videos at

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