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TePe Dental Tape is a wide, flat and waxed floss. Thanks to its waxed surface, the tape glides easily between teeth without shredding. Use daily to keep gums and teeth healthy and fresh.


Achieve Healthy Gums with Quality Floss

Not your typical floss! TePe Dental Tape is coated with natural beeswax and crafted with a flat, wide design to remove every bit of plaque. 

Keep your teeth and gums healthy with this strong and durable floss.
Your health is our priority: this floss is Coated with natural beeswax to glide easily between the teeth without shredding.
A fresh mint flavor keeps you feeling fresh all day long.


Cleaning between your teeth daily helps you prevent oral disease so you can lead a happy and healthy life.


No shredding. No getting stuck between your teeth. Using this floss is as easy as it gets!