Dental Sticks

Dental Sticks – a classic since 1965 The classic triangular wooden dental stick has been manufactured by TePe since 1965 and is still highly appreciated.

TePe's dental sticks are adapted to the natural triangular shape of the interdental space.

User tips for TePe's wooden and plastic dental sticks

Wooden sticks without fluoride


Very slim dental stick. Designed for youngsters and adults with very narrow interdental spaces. 160 dental sticks per box. Birch wood.



Slim dental stick. For tighter interdental spaces. 125 dental sticks per box. Birch wood.



Wider, pliable dental stick. Designed for wider interdental spaces. 125 dental sticks per box. Linden wood, which is recommended for wider interdental spaces.


Plastic sticks

Plastic stick, very slim An extra slim dental stick, suitable for very narrow interdental spaces. The user-friendly handle provides a good grip and the flexible plastic makes reaching even the posterior teeth easy. The slightly textured surface makes cleaning more efficient. The stick can be rinsed in water to be used again - keep it in the practical pocket case. 75 dental sticks per box.