Display Material

TePe offers a variety of product racks for appealing display of TePe's products. The various models provide flexibility for different needs.

Large Rack

Eight detachable hangers and eight plastic containers. The rack can be mounted on the wall.

  • Dimensions 85x38x22cm
  • Lacquered metal wire and plastic
  • Extra hangers and plastic containers can be bought separately

Medium Rack

Ten detachable hangers made of lacquered metal wire. Designed for all TePe products with hangers.

  • Dimensions 48x42x22cm
  • Clear acrylic material
  • Extra hangers and plastic containers can be bought separately

Medium Table Display

Table display in cardboard with eight hangers.

  • Dimensions 51x37x16cm

Small Rack

Four detachable hangers. Suits various TePe products.

  • Dimensions 20x40x18cm
  • Made of acrylic

Interdental Brush Table Display

Table display in cardboard for interdental brushes. Available with or without hangers.

  • Dimensions 26x34.5x16cm

Toothbrush Display (Plexi)

Toothbrush display for the day nursery. Suits 13 toothbrushes: Select, Select Compact or TePe Mini. Can be mounted on the wall. Dishwasher safe.

Mini Display

Designed to take five TePe toothbrushes and/or Special Brushes and nine TePe Interdental Brushes. Suitable for the reception desk and the surgery.

  • Dimensions 4.5x19x8cm
  • Clear acrylic material

Interdental Brush Display

For original and x-soft interdental brushes. Perfect for the reception desk, clinic or the waiting room.

  • Dimensions 6x19x8cm
  • Clear acrylic material

Floor Display

The floor display, made of white lacquered metal, can easily be adjusted. 24 detachable hangers and one shelf, all attached in slots which offers big flexibility. The display has four wheels, two of them lockable, and is therefore easy to move.

  • Dimensions 170.5x37x28cm
  • White lacquered metal

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For more information about item numbers and other TePe presentation material, have a look in TePe's Order Guide for Marketing & Presentation Material.