Specialty Toothbrushes


    Specialized Brushes to Maintain Excellent Oral Health After Leaving the Dental Chair

    Cleaning Between Your Teeth is
    Too Important to Ignore

    As a complement to the regular toothbrush, we offer a wide range of brushes specially designed to better maintain excellent oral health for every need. Braces, dental implants or hard to reach areas - no matter what your needs are, we have a brush specifically designed to make cleaning easier.

    TePe Specialty Brushes

    TePe Universal Care™

    Easy access to hard-to-reach areas! Unique angled neck provides easy access to the lingual and palatal surfaces of teeth and implants. Optimal for retroclined teeth, lingual braces, retainers or implants.

    TePe Compact Tuft™

    Precision cleaning for hard-to-reach places! Works effectively for implants, attachments for overdentures, fixed braces or along the gumline.

    TePe Special Care™

    For sore and delicate tissues! Featuring 12,000 ultra-soft bristles, this toothbrush is recommended for brushing after oral surgery and for patients with sore or very delicate oral tissue, very sensitive root surface, extremely dry mouth, and after radiotherapy.

    TePe Implant Orthodontic™

    Specially designed to clean along implants and fixed braces. This brush is made with only two rows of soft bristles that create an extra narrow brush head that fits perfectly under orthodontic brackets and wires and to clean close to implants where they meet the gum-line.

    TePe Gentle Care™

    A super soft toothbrush recommended after oral surgery and for patients with sore or very delicate oral tissue, very sensitive root surfaces, extremely dry mouth, and after radiotherapy. TePe Gentle Care™ is slightly firmer than TePe Special Care™.

    TePe Interspace™

    A single tuft brush for cleaning areas such as the back of the last tooth, furcation, implants or around fixed braces. The removable brush tips can be attached on either side of the handle to change the angle of the brush head, which gives optimal access to hard-to-reach areas.

    TePe Denture Care™

    Extra-long, strong bristles to ensure good accessibility and efficient cleaning without causing any damage to the removable denture. The denture brush is designed to resemble a conventional toothbrush and the handle can be bent backwards for an improved grip.

    TePe® Implant Care Kit

    Caring for implants doesn’t have to be complicated - get everything you need in a single package with TePe Implant Care Kit. Each product in the Implant Care Kit is developed in collaboration with dental implant specialists - uniquely for precision implant care.

    What You Get in Your Implant Care Kit:

    •TePe® Interdental Brush Original variety pack
    •TePe Universal Care™ brush
    •TePe® Implant Orthodontic brush
    •TePe EasyPick™ 36-pack in M/L size
    •TePe® Bridge & Implant Floss

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