TePe Implant Care Kit
TePe Implant Care Kit
TePe Implant Care Kit
TePe Implant Care Kit
TePe Implant Care Kit
TePe Implant Care Kit
TePe Implant Care Kit
TePe Implant Care Kit

TePe Implant Care Kit

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Implant Care Made Simple

Did you know that 40% of people suffer from peri-implantitis because they don’t maintain and care for implants properly?

But caring for implants doesn’t have to be complicated - get everything you need in a single package with TePe Implant Care Kit.


Made with Care to Help Implants Last

Each product in the Implant Care Kit is developed in collaboration with dental implant specialists - uniquely for precision implant care.


Because every implant case is unique, TePe recommends you consult your dental professional to find the right interdental brush sizes.


What You Get in Your Implant Care Kit:

  • TePe Original Interdental Brush variety pack
  • TePe Universal Care brush
  • TePe Implant Ortho brush
  • TePe 36 pack EasyPick in M/L size
  • TePe Bridge & Implant Floss


For a Healthy Smile that Lasts a Lifetime

Beautiful, healthy implants are achievable with the right maintenance. TePe’s Implant Care Kit makes it easy.


Every product has its role:

  • Interdental Brush Variety Pack: Easily clean between your teeth and implants with the perfect sized brush - without harming your gums or implant(s)
  • Universal Care Brush: Reach the tongue side of your implant(s) for a complete and healthy oral care routine
  • Implant Brush: Reach the front of your implant(s) - it’s narrow enough to reach anywhere
  • TePe EasyPick: Remove dental plaque without harming your gums near the implant(s)
  • TePe Bridge & Implant Floss: Removing plaque and flossing with implants is made easy with two stiff ends and a fluffy middle portion that easily fits between implants


User-Friendly Products for Every Need

If you need more, TePe has additional products to make implant care simple and easy.


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