TePe® Perio Kit
TePe® Perio Kit
TePe® Perio Kit
TePe® Perio Kit
TePe® Perio Kit

TePe® Perio Kit

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Interdental Brush Original
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Caring for your Gums Made Easy

Thorough oral hygiene is essential for maintaining healthy gums and preventing gum disease.
Around 40% of adults suffer from periodontitis – often without knowing it. Gingivitis and periodontitis can develop slowly and often without pain. The sooner the diseases are diagnosed and treated, the better.
Featuring specialty brushes like the TePe Interspace™ and TePe® Interdental Brush, you will have no problem effectively cleaning targeted areas and maintaining healthy gums!
  • TePe Supreme™ has multi-level bristles to reach further between the teeth and along the gumline.
  • TePe Interspace™ brush has a pointed tuft to improve access to narrow areas, with removable brush heads.
  • TePe® Interdental Brush allows you to safely remove plaque between your teeth and effectively clean under your orthodontic wire.
  • TePe EasyPick™ on-the-go option to clean between your teeth and comfortable on the gums.


Areas of use


What You Get in Your TePe®Perio Kit:

  • TePe Supreme™ (2) *
  • TePe Interspace™ Soft (1) *
  • TePe® Interdental Brush Variety Pack - 8 Brushes
  • TePe EasyPick™ (36 Pack) Blue M/L

 *Product colors may vary.