Frequently Asked Question

Where are your products available for purchase?

Genuine TePe products are available on, from our Amazon Storefront, from our Walmart Storefront, Wegman’s retail locations or by calling our toll free number 714-991-6700.

How do I know which interdental brush size is right for me?

When choosing your correct size there are many considerations. Please know the best sizing recommendation is from your dental professional. Each space between your teeth may be different, so you might need multiple sizes. The mixed pack of interdental brushes – Original, Angle and Extra Soft can help you discover which brush(es) work best for you. The bristles should fit snugly between the teeth and the wire should not touch either adjacent tooth. Do not force a brush into a space, and there should be no signs of pain, otherwise size down to a smaller size.

Download PDF TePe Interdental Brush Instructions


What is the size comparison to Gum/SunStar?

It is difficult to do a direct comparison, because there are many factors to consider. From a broad perspective TePe offers a larger range of brush sizes to meet the needs of different size spaces between teeth.

How long does each interdental brush last?

You must consider how many spaces you are using it in, the size of the brush, and how many times throughout the day you are using it. It is time to replace your brush once the bristles have started to collapse, because they can no longer efficiently remove the plaque from between your teeth.

What is the difference between the original, angle and x-soft interdental brushes?

We offer three different interdental brush options that provide different bristle textures and different handles. It is the same wire diameter across all three lines for each specific color. Also the wire is plastic coated, safe to use around implants. The original line has nine color-coded sizes, a short broad handle, flexible tip on the four smallest sizes for better posterior access, and you can use the cap as an extra extension in length. The extra soft line has 6 color-coded sizes with very soft bristles for delicate or sensitive oral tissue. The angle line has 6 color-coded sizes. The handle and brush are one piece and do not separate. The brush is set at a 90-degree angle to the handle.

How do I clean the interdental brushes between use? (also can they be used more than once)

After use, rinse and let air try. The cap is ventilated, so you can put it on right away. You can use the brush multiple times, and you should replace once the bristles start to collapse.

Which interdental brushes come with caps?

All 6 packs come with 1 cap each, while each 25 pack has a cap for each. (Excluding the grey 1.3mm and black 1.5mm).

Why do you use plastic for your products?

TePe’s first focus is providing high-quality products to promote good oral health. We currently use plastic because it is hygienic, meaning it is non-porous and does not offer crevices for bacteria to grow. By using renewable sourced plastic, we reduce our carbon footprint. With this being said, we are striving to find new sources and types of plastics when considering the end life of a product to create a circular economy. Also, we must think about how we dispose of material that is advertised as biodegradable, meaning it needs a specific environment to truly biodegrade, not a traditional landfill. At TePe, we will continue to develop and innovate sustainable solutions. All TePe products are produced using 100% green energy from renewable resources. The products that we use have allowed us to reduced our carbon footprint by 80% – without compromising on product quality, efficiency or design!

Can you recycle TePe products?

Unfortunately you cannot recycle the products due to the fact that they are composed of more than one material. However, the packaging can be recycled.

How long will my product take to arrive?

Please allow 3-5 business days once shipped for products to arrive.

Where is your product manufactured?

All products are manufactured at our facility in Malmo, Sweden. Read more.

What to do if I am locked out of my online account?

If you have locked yourself out of your account please contact our office at 714-991-6700 to have your password reset. Please note that checkout out as a guest does not create an account.

How do I purchase the interdental brush 25 Packs on

When on the product page, please select the arrow next to the 6 pack and a drop-down menu will appear. Here you can select the 25 pack.

Where do we enter promo code for discounts on

The promotional code field will appear on the right hand side when you proceed to check out on desktop or the very top on mobile devices.

Can discounts be combined/can I use more than 1 discount code on

Only one discount is allowed per offer, unless noted otherwise.

I don’t want to use any of the online Express Checkout options (Shop Pay, Apple Pay or Google Pay), where is option for Credit Card on

Credit card options will appear once you have proceeded to checkout and entered your shipping details - then payment method will appear next.

Do I qualify for Free Shipping?

Orders with a subtotal of $25 or more will receive free shipping. Discount amount and tax is not included in the $25 free shipping subtotal.