Copy of TePe Affiliate/Ambassador Program

If you are already recommending TePe products and you have a strong website, social media presence and e-mail marketing activities, TePe Affiliate Program is a great choice for you.

Generate incremental earnings, using TePe affiliate links

Once you join the TePe Affiliate Program, you will be able to generate links to every TePe products page, each link earning commission for every purchase completed through the generated links.

Share your affiliate links through your social channels

Through your affiliate dashboard, you will be able to share your affiliate links through your social media channels to generate further earnings through your recommendations.

Use your links on your website

The links you generate can also be used on your website. For each completed purchase through your links, you earn commission.

Track your earnings through your dashboard

You can track your next estimated payment, commissions in approval and previous payments.

Send us messages through your dashboard

You can easily contact us by sending and following up on messages through your dashboard.

How to get started?

To join our affiliate program, please fill in the application form below. Once submitted, we will review your application and notify you by email.