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Start seeing your patients achieve excellent oral hygiene when using TePe products! Sign up below to request a web-based lecture for students and faculty. The purpose of this lecture is to provide research-based recommendations, as well as introduce you to the different TePe products and how to access them. When signing up you will receive:

  • FREE samples
    • Students will be given an array of products that many current Hygienists are recommedning for their patients.
  • Live web-based lecture given at a specific time
    • A link will be given to view the live presentation.

What are you Recommending to your Patients?

We must move away from a universal approach in our homecare recommendations and start guiding based on individualized needs. No two patients are the same. Specialty brushes have allowed patients to access hard-to-reach areas like the neck of the implant or furcations. Interdental brushes reach more of the anatomy of the tooth interproximally, reaching all the grooves and concavities.


Let us move Beyond Floss. The percentage of people actually flossing is low, it is a difficult task to master and it is not substantially reducing plaque and bleeding indices as compared to other interdental cleaning methods. TePe is proud to have an extensive range of Interdental Brushes to reach all spaces between teeth.


TePe for Dental Hygienists: to help keep teeth and gums healthy for all your patients!

We are committed to creating quality and functional products made in collaboration with dental professionals. TePe has created a dental hygiene startup kit as a great way for Hygienists to get an array of products and experience the versatility of TePe brushes, as there is an oral hygiene tool to meet the need of each patient! All who attend the live web-based lecture will receive samples of the products within this startup kit for a hands-on approach. Although our portfolio extends beyond these samples, we believe you will find these products will specifically benefit your patients!

Do you have any other questions? How can I assist you?

  • TePe has a Dental Professional to answer your clinical or educational questions. Never hesitate to reach out.