IMAI Report

Comparison between interdental brushes and dental floss

Comparison of interdental brushes to dental floss for reduction of clinical parameters of periodontal disease: A systematic Review.

PH Imai, X Yu, D MacDonald; Can j Dent Hygiene 2012; 46, no.1:63-78

This systematic review looked at a series of randomized control trials to establish the effectiveness of interdental brushes as an adjunct to toothbrushing for the primary outcome of interproximal interdental cleaning and a secondary outcome of interproximal plaque. The seven studies that met the inclusion/exclusion criteria confirmed the effectiveness of interdental brushes as an alternative to floss for reducing interdental bleeding and plaque in patients with either filled or open embrasure sites.

The research informed and endorses the 2015 Europerio Workshop findings for the superior effectiveness of interdental brushes over floss for interdental sites with loss of attachment. The description and grading of the embrasure sites according to their appearance and attachment loss forms a useful reference for every day practice and provides a simple guide for patient education.

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