Implant Care

Modern dental implants are one of the most viable methods of teeth replacement. When you get dental implants, a titanium post integrates into your bone to replace your natural tooth.


But did you know that implants require different care than regular teeth for them to last? It’s possible to make your implants last for a lifetime - with the proper implant care, of course!

How Many Years Do Dental Implants Last?

Good quality implants are designed as permanent solutions to replacing teeth. When properly cared for and maintained, they can last for 25 years and even longer.


The titanium inside of your implants is strong and will never decay. But the bacteria that affect your natural teeth can affect your gums and bone around your implant.


When too much bone is lost, your implant will need to be removed. But you can avoid this by taking great care of your implants every day - with TePe.

How Do You Take Care of Dental Implants?

To keep your dental implants healthy for life, care for them every day just like you do for your regular teeth, but with a few added measures.

How to Clean Dental Implants with TePe Implant Brush and Other Tools

TePe has an implant brush for every need.


TePe Implant Brush has an angled head and a long, thin neck that can reach the gum line around your implants to ensure optimal cleaning every day. 


TePe Interdental Brushes are coated with plastic and safe to use on your dental implants. Use them to remove the harmful plaque that accumulates all-around your natural teeth and implants. Always use the interdental brush size recommended by your dental professional.


TePe Implant Floss provides you with a stiff end to make insertion between the teeth easy. The implant floss is coated with a spongy portion that effectively removes all plaque underneath your dental implant.


TePe Compact Tuft Brush is smaller and more compact to allow you to reach the nooks and crannies between your teeth - even those that are harder to reach. This implant brush is ideal to clean areas where your implant meets the gums.


TePe Implant Care Kit comes with everything you need to keep a healthy smile for life with dental implants:

  • TePe Original Interdental Brush variety pack
  • TePe Universal Care brush
  • TePe Implant Ortho brush
  • TePe 36 pack EasyPick in M/L size
  • TePe Bridge & Implant Floss


Dental Implant Professional Maintenance

In addition to maintenance with a TePe Implant brush and other implant care tools, TePe suggests you consult your dentist every 3 to 6 months for a professional exam and cleaning of your dental implants.


Be sure to get your implants examined via x-ray at least once a year.


However, TePe suggests listening to your dentist if they recommend different or more frequent care for your dental implants.

What can happen if I don’t take care of my dental implants?

Over time, your implants can develop issues if not cared for properly.


For instance, you can develop mucositis, which is light bleeding near your implant. Although this can be reversed in most cases, this can progress to peri-implantitis.

Videos about implant care

Caring for Single Tooth Implants

Caring for Multiple Implants

Cleaning fixed, non-removable, implant prosthetics

TePe Implant Care™
TePe Implant Care has an angled neck, which makes it easier to clean the implant abutments from the inside. The slim brush head reaches even very narrow areas. Soft, end-rounded filaments ensure a gentle clean.

TePe Interdental Brushes
TePe's Interdental Brushes efficiently clean the sides of the implants. Use the brush size recommended by your hygienist or dentist. Move the interdental brush back and forth a few times close to each implant. All interdental brushes have a plastic coated wire for safe use around implants. Our angled interdental brush, TePe Angle™, is especially useful for cleaning the implants from the inside.

TePe Implant Brush
The Implant Brush has an extra narrow brush head for easy cleaning of implants from the outside.

Information material

Download our patient leaflet Caring for your implants.