TePe® Implant Care Kit

Dental Implant Cleaning Made Simple in a Single Kit

What You Get in Your TePe® Implant Care Kit:

Additional User-Friendly Products for Every Need

TePe® Implant Care Kit
To Help Keep Your Dental Implants For Life

Did you know that over 40% of dental implant patients suffer from peri-implantitis because they don’t maintain and care for implants properly? 

But caring for implants doesn’t have to be complicated - get everything you need in a single package with the TePe® Implant Care Kit. 

Each product in the TePe® Implant Care Kit was developed in close collaboration with dental implant specialists - uniquely for precision dental implant care.

Easily clean between your teeth and implants with the perfect sized interdental brush for you – without harming your gums or implant.

Reach the tongue side of your implant and other hard to reach areas for a complete and thorough cleaning.

An extra narrow brush head can clean close to implants where they meet the gum-line.

Remove dental plaque between teeth without harming your gums near the implant with the extra soft and comfortable silicone tip.

Removing plaque and flossing with implants is made easy with two stiff ends and a spongy middle portion that easily fits between implants.


TePe Oral Health Care products are used daily by Consumers & Dental Professionals in 80+ countries worldwide. All TePe products have been developed in close collaboration with Dental Professionals to provide the most high-quality and innovative products for patients and their families.