With our position as a leading Swedish life science company, operating worldwide, comes a responsibility for people and the environment. Therefore, we actively drive positive change through continuous sustainability initiatives, for our generation – and the next.


Our functional, high-quality products are developed to make good oral health possible for everyone. Throughout the innovation and production process, we incorporate dental profession expertise and scientific findings. We consider the environment in all aspects of our business and constantly work to reduce our carbon footprint, from suppliers through to customers. Our long-term goal is to become completely independent of fossil-based raw materials.

We comply with regulatory requirements with regards to the environment, energy, and quality, and secure continued customer satisfaction and constant improvement through our systematic environmental and quality efforts according to ISO 14001 and ISO 9001. Throughout manufacture, from raw materials to finished products, meticulous quality controls are conducted. In addition, TePe is actively involved in the work of standardizing oral hygiene products by representing Sweden in the ISO Dental Care Committee.

Our manufacturing processes are developed for maximum energy efficiency. 100% of the electricity we purchase comes from renewable sources, and part of our production is powered by our own rooftop solar energy facility. We also use eco-labelled products and recycle all production residue and heat. All employees are encouraged to assume environmental responsibility and to be aware of the importance of energy efficiency.

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