Our Sustainable Journey Continues...

For more than 50 years we’ve worked closely with dental experts to deliver the best dental products available. We’re undertaking an overall sustainability initiative with our product-line to make a difference for the good of the planet, and for your good.

TePe® Interdental Brushes
A Sustainable Choice for

Healthier Mouths

Reducing the carbon footprint by 80% – without compromising on product quality, efficiency or design. TePe now offers consumers and dental professionals the opportunity to make a conscious choice by introducing a more sustainable interdental brush.

Sustainability at TePe means ensuring environmental, economic, and social well-being for today and tomorrow. It means meeting the needs of people and society, without compromising the ability of future generations. It is about living within the limits of the planet and protecting the environment. 

All TePe’s production takes place at our manufacturing plant in Malmö, Sweden, using 100% renewable energy.

TePe has taken on the challenge of achieving Carbon Neutrality in products and packaging by 2022!

Our CO neutrality goal will be a catalyst for our sustainability initiatives and a step towards our overarching goal to become a CO neutral company.

Our Commitment to Sustainable