A New Year Brings a Renewed Spirit

As 2021 is approaching, many are starting to have a renewed sense of hope. This past year has not been easy, so we can only anticipate that this next year brings goodwill. Perhaps you are thinking about ways you can improve your self-care. Maybe you want to start taking walks or start a new hobby. Have you considered making goals related to a healthy smile? Your smile not only brings you confidence, but your teeth allow you to chew and speak properly. 

Here are some tips on making oral health goals for 2021.

  1. Reflect on your current routine. What does your current routine look like? What oral hygiene tools are working well for you? What areas of your mouth are difficult to clean? How long do you brush your teeth for? 
  2. Explore different oral hygiene tools available. Perhaps flossing is too difficult for you to accomplish, so have you considered TePe Interdental Brushes or TePe EasyPickKnow your mouth. For example, if you are missing teeth or have a prosthesis, like a bridge or implant, there are specialty brushes that can increase access for removing plaque effectively.
  3. List things that you could do differently. Every mouth is different, and your home care regimen should be unique to you. Determine what oral hygiene tools will work well for you.  
  4. Start one day at a time. Set timers or reminders on your phone. It takes time to develop habits.  

Your oral health is essential for your overall health, so starting new habits to ensure a healthy smile is admirable. TePe believes our products can help you achieve your oral health goals for 2021! 

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