Are you too tired to clean your teeth at night?

At the end of the day, we are often exhausted and want to go to sleep. The last thing we want to think about is taking care of our teeth…angling the toothbrush just right or if we wrapped the floss tight enough against each tooth.

Bacteria doesn’t stop working when you sleep. The bacteria come together and form little communities around the plaque particles and different components in our saliva. If this is left undisrupted, it contributes to both cavities and gum disease. When we sleep, our saliva is not being stimulated, so bacteria are not being flushed away. We are creating an optimal environment for the bacteria to grow.

So, do we have to clean our teeth at night? The answer is yes, but here are some helpful tricks.

3 helpful tips to help incorporate nighttime oral hygiene routines.

  1. Brush after dinner, instead of waiting until your eyes can’t even open. First rinse with water to neutralize your mouth. Then start your oral hygiene routine. Now you won’t be tempted to have any late-night snacks or sweets, because you have already brushed.
  2. You don’t have to brush your teeth in the bathroom. Get creative. Incorporate it into your nightly routines of turning off lights, checking doors, and making sure things are in place for the next day.
  3. Make Cues for yourself. Put your TePe EasyPick™, TePe® Dental Tape, or TePe® Interdenal brushes in an area that you commonly go to everything night. This could be in your living room or on your nightstand.

TePe Tools Designed for Daily Care


TePe Supreme™: The TePe Supreme™ toothbrush has an innovative bristle design, along with a tapered brush head. The multi-level bristles enable more efficient cleaning further in between the teeth and along the gumline with the longer bristles. The tapered brush head allows access to reach the back teeth. It has an easy-grip handle with a thumb pad. The toothbrush neck can be angled without heating.


TePe® Interdental Brush Original are small brushes specially designed to clean between your teeth, where a regular toothbrush does not reach. TePe has nine different size brushes to fit all varieties of spaces between teeth. Some examples of where to use an interdental brush could include between two natural teeth, around orthodontic appliances, under bridges, next to implants, and much more. 


TePe EasyPick is an on-the-go silicone coated dental pick to clean between the teeth. It cleans efficiently and feels comfortable on the gums.


TePe GOOD Mini Flosser is a preloaded floss holder with a unique bite plane to gently insert the floss between teeth. It is made from bio-based plastic and wood fibers.  

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