GOOD and Dental professionals

GOOD and Dental professionals


Dental professionals recommend products to use at home for good daily mouth care to remove harmful bacteria.  These recommendations are based on the ability of the patient to use the product, how effective it is for the individual’s needs, its safety, durability, and if it is easy to use.  Now, dental professionals need to consider how these products impact the environment and the sustainability of the product.  The consideration must go beyond the concept of tossing the product into a recycling bin or the product not being made from plastic. Knowing what the company stands for and the transparency of the manufacturing of the products is essential information to identify. 

Plastic materials are still ideal for oral hygiene products.  Plastic allows products to be moldable, affordable, and are hygienic as they have a high resistance to germination of bacteria. There are plastics made from fossil-based raw materials and plant-based raw materials (bio-based plastic). Bio-based plastic is considered a renewable resource and is food graded, which means we are not being exposed to the release of hazardous chemicals that may be in recycled plastics. 

The material is not the only matter dental professionals need to consider.  How the product is made and what that does to the environment is a significant concern.  We feel good if we can call a product bio-degradable or toss it in the recycling bin, but if resources were consumed in a way that was not sustainable or renewable in the manufacturing process or transportation of the product, can we feel right about that?  The entire life cycle of the product needs to be weighed, and products made with renewable energy or green energy from wind, solar, and hydro should be considered.  Dental professionals have an opportunity to make an impact on the environment by knowing the products they are recommending.  Do you feel comfortable with the type of material, how it was sourced, how it was created, and how it is disposed of at the end of its life cycle? 

The opportunities for patients to use quality, sustainable products are here, and the TePe GOOD toothbrush is the first step towards increased sustainability for the entire company’s product range.  To learn more about the TePe GOOD products, visit 



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