Healthy Drinks

Energy drinks, shakes, smoothies, and fruit juices – sounds healthy, right? Such beverages are often considered part of a healthy lifestyle, and some of them do contain a lot of nutritious ingredients. But they also tend to have a low pH, meaning that they are acidic, and may cause erosion of the teeth – simply put, it wears them down.


 Since these beverages often come in big containers, consuming these types of drinks may include a longer period of sipping during exercise or on the go. This habit exposes the teeth to harmful acids for an extended time.

Have it before or after the workout and preferably all at once. Try to limit the intake of acidic beverages between meals. Your saliva protects the teeth against acids, but it takes time to re-establish a healthy environment in the mouth and make the teeth recover from acid attacks.


Still thirsty? Well, water is a fantastic thirst quencher that doesn’t cause any acid attack.

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