Recycling is becoming more and more mainstream in the United States.  Depending on your state, this can look different, but overall, people are aware of it and attempt to sort their trash in the proper waste containers.  If you are an over-achiever, you may take it a step further and compost your food waste, and even search for biodegradable products.  There is, however, one more thing we have to consider and that is the life cycle of the products.  It is easy to toss your item in the appropriate bin while getting the warm and fuzzy feeling that you are doing right by the Earth, but what was the life- cycle of that product before it made its way into the recycling bin? 

When we look at the environmental impact, or carbon footprint, of the products we use, specifically looking at plastic products, we are usually satisfied if it is recyclable.  What we do with the product once we are done with it is only one aspect of the carbon footprint that we must be concerned about.  We have to take it a step farther and look at what the environmental impact is during the entire life of that product i.e., energy consumption to make and transport the product, and the raw materials used. 

Dental professionals are aware of the importance of good home care with the proper tools to adequality remove the harmful plaque and bacteria for their patients.  However, those tools made from plastic can end up in landfills, oceans, and create a significant environmental impact.  Dental professionals now can recommend sustainable oral health products from TePe Oral Health Care.  TePe continues to take initiatives for long-term sustainable development.  The products are produced with renewable energy sources, including wind, hydro, and solar, and they recycle waste plastic from the production process.  Now, TePe is taking it a step further and creating products from renewable resources. This is the first step towards increased sustainability in the company’s entire range.

The TePe GOOD products are environmentally-friendly and do not compromise on quality, design, or hygiene.  The plastic in the GOOD toothbrush, and tongue cleaner are made from a bio-based plastic PE from sugar cane.  The bio-based sugar cane has a renewable content of 96% and 95% of the products carbon dioxide emissions are recirculated through its life cycle, making it next to climate neutral. 

Now, dental professionals and consumers can feel comfortable using an ergonomic, hygienic, and sustainable product to care for their oral health. TePe aims to become completely independent of fossil-based raw materials and continues to use renewable energy to create the quality products you have come to love. You can learn more about the GOOD initiative at tepeusa.com

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