Using TePe toothbrushes to clean your children’s teeth

Preventing cavities means disrupting the plaque in the mouth. The plaque is a food source for the bacteria, which produces acid to weaken the enamel. To keep the teeth hard and healthy, plaque removal is a must!

A great start to developing your child’s oral health habits, is trying to be the best example. Children will notice the efforts you put into your own routines. TePe offers different size of toothbrushes for the different stages of growth. For your child, you can get started with the TePe Mini toothbrush, developed for use from the first tooth to the age of 3 years old. Once your child continues to grow, you can transition to the TePe Kids toothbrush. This toothbrush head is equivalent to our compact brush heads. The smaller handle and fun graphic prints make the TePe Kids suitable for children. The toothbrush bristles are end-rounded, and the tapered brush head ensures easy and efficient cleaning.

TePe Kids toothbrush should be used twice a day for 2 minutes in a back and forth motion or small circles towards the gumline. Both the child and their caregiver should brush the child’s teeth while the child is still developing his or her fine motor skills or ability to reach all surfaces of the teeth effectively with the toothbrush. The child can start brushing and then the caregiver can help them brush the hard to reach spots like the back teeth. Children are often fast brushers, so make sure they slow down and focus as much as possible. Using a timer can ensure the proper amount of time is being achieved. The tapered brush head helps the child and caregiver reach back to the last tooth, while still being comfortable for the child.

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