Your toothbrush – a sustainable choice?

What’s your biggest concern when choosing your toothbrush?

You may think: “It’s just a toothbrush.” But there are, actually, a few things to consider when choosing your everyday oral hygiene companion.

Is it effective in removing plaque? Are the filaments gentle on gums and teeth? Is it hygienic and safe for use in the mouth? Does it last long or wear down too quickly?

When considering sustainability aspects, materials are often in focus – but it is also about quality. A high-quality product lasts longer and contributes to less waste. Plastic materials are still ideal for oral hygiene products in terms of durability, safety, malleability and hygiene.

Plastic can either be fossil-based or bio-based, that is, made from renewable raw materials, which have a small impact on global warming. Bio-based plastic can be food-graded, which means that we are not being exposed to the release of hazardous chemicals that recycled plastics may contain.

The manufacturing process is also a factor. Is the product made using renewable energy? It’s important to consider the entire life cycle of the product.

The opportunity to use high-quality, sustainable toothbrushes is here. Do you want to know more? Visit to read more about TePe’s GOOD toothbrushes.

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