TePe GOOD™ Compact Soft

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Go Green Without Compromise with TePe GOOD Bio-based Plastic & Compact Toothbrush

Choosing products that are great for the environment shouldn’t come at the cost of quality oral care.


TePe GOOD Compact soft toothbrush is made with raw sustainable materials and produced only with renewable sources. And since it’s designed by dental experts who have your health at heart, you know you are getting a great toothbrush.


User-Friendly, Compact Toothbrush For Effortless Healthy Smiles


Made from 96% bio-based plastic
Gentle and efficient cleaning suited for older children and adults.
The compact size makes it easy to carry on the go.


The compact and tapered brush head makes access easy, even for the farther teeth - and the end-rounded filaments make this toothbrush perfect for sensitive gums and teeth.


Just as efficient as other TePe toothbrushes. Without the carbon footprint.