Benefits of the TePe Special Care Toothbrush

The TePe Special Care toothbrush is ideal for areas with fragile or sensitive tissue.  

This brush works well for the following situations: 

  • After oral surgery 
  • Mucositis (sore inflamed and ulcerated oral tissue) 
  • Sensitive root surface 
  • Extremely dry mouth 
  • During radiation or chemotherapy when oral tissue has an adverse effect 

The TePe Special Care toothbrush has 12,000 ultra-soft bristles. The neck of the brush can be angled in hot water for better access. There are two different brush head sizes, the compact size works well to focus on a localized area of the mouth or in a hard to reach area.  

Using the TePe Special Care Toothbrush 

When deciding to use this toothbrush, it is best to consult your dental professional. It is meant to be used in specific circumstances, as it is extremely soft.  

When using the TePe Special Care toothbrush place the bristles towards your gums at a 45-degree angle so that the bristles sweep along the gumline and then slowly move it around your mouth in small incremental back and forth motions. Look in the mirror to assure that you place the brush properly. 

Watch this video on the TePe Special Care toothbrush to understand the unique features and a demonstration on how to use it. 

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