TePe Digital Recommendations

Helping Drive Patient Compliance & Additional Income

With TePe Digital Recommendation, you can easily and efficiently make customized TePe product recommendations for each patient, allowing you to track each patient’s compliance with your recommendations, and earn some extra income.

Help your patients gain easier access to TePe Oral Health Care products, helping them create healthy habits for at-home maintenance and improved oral health. In a few simple steps, you can select the TePe products that you are recommending for each patient, including a personal note with instructions and automatically send your patient an email with a link to our eCommerce site that includes your customized recommended products.

For each patient that successfully purchases based on your recommendation email, earnings are generated for you (individual or dental office)!

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TePe Digital Recommendation

Prescribing the right dental products and helping patients made easy!

- With just a few clicks, you can recommend the products your patients need and have a prescription sent to their email address.

- In turn, with just a few clicks, your patients can access the prescribed products, purchase them online and have them delivered to their door step. No more trying to find where to get a hold of the right products.

- Easy for you, easy for your patients.