Clean teeth for the holidays!

Hope you are smiling during the Fourth of July holiday. There are many things that make you smile during this time of year like freedom, family, friends, fireworks and many fun summer activities. While celebrating your freedom, remember to never neglect your oral health. To help keep your celebrations as joyful as possible we’ve put together a few dental tips that will keep your smile as bright as the fireworks.

Eat healthy foods

Incorporate healthy foods into snack options for your gatherings. Savory choices may include cheese, vegetables, meats and creative summer salads. Sweet options may include fruit parfaits made with Greek yogurt, dates or homemade popsicles. Consuming healthy snacks will keep you from indulging in too many unwanted temptations. Involve children in the preparation of the healthy options, as this will likely get them excited about nutritious food choices and keep their little hands busy.

Drink water

With more time being spent outside in the heat, it is important to drink plenty of water and stay hydrated. While alcohol consumption is often higher during gatherings, you want to remember to alternate drinks with water. Water is a better choice than sodas and juice when trying to maintain the health of your teeth. Water helps rinse away food particles that stick to the teeth and lowers the acidic buildup that creates cavities.

Don’t use your teeth as tools

If you find yourself needing a proper tool, do not resort to using your teeth to open packages or even drinks. Unless it involves chewing food, you should never use your teeth as tools.

Caring for your teeth during traveling

Many people travel for the holiday. Don’t neglect your routine. Be sure to pack everyone’s toothbrush and interdental cleaning device for between the teeth. The TePe EasyPick is an excellent on the go option.

Wishing everyone a safe, happy and healthy Independence Day!
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