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Where do I Start when Learning How to Clean my Orthodontic Braces?

With all the new hardware in your mouth, you have likely noticed that there are many places for food and plaque to get caught. Cleaning your teeth will now take more than a toothbrush to clean around the orthodontic brackets and wires.
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Implant Maintenance – Fundamental for Preventing Peri-Implant Disease

Dental implants have revolutionized dentistry, but, as is well-known, this is not without complications. On a yearly basis, approximately 12 million implants are placed globally, meaning that there is a large population of patients at risk of developing peri-implant disease. To create the best conditions for a long-lasting result, these patients all need individualized maintenance care, based on a thorough risk assessment.
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5 Routine Things We Do in the Dental Profession That Do Not Make Sense

As dental professionals, most of the work we do as a matter of routine may be considered insane. For example, we work in a small dark area all day; we are constantly told that patients would rather be other places;  and we are members of one of the most feared professions.
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