Cleaning your dental implants

Life expectancy after the age of 65 and after the age of 85 have a trend of continually increasing over the years.  People are living longer. With age there is also a higher prevalence of periodontitis and tooth loss. Replacing missing teeth with implants has become a viable option, even for the aging population. Implants are shaped differently than natural teeth, that’s why we have put together a special Implant Care Kit with hygiene tools especially suitable for cleaning implants.

TePe Implant Care Kit

When deciding what is the best hygiene tool to clean your implants, you must evaluate and consider the area you are trying to clean, the amount of hand dexterity you have, technical difficulty of the task, ease of use of the device, and motivation to complete the task. Below are some options TePe believes will help keep your dental implants for life. TePe has put the items together into an Implant Care Kit.

  • TePe interdental brushes safely remove plaque between your teeth and dental implants.
  • For those on-the-go situations, use TePe EasyPick™.
  • Specialty brushes included allow you to reach narrow areas along the gumline from the tongue side as well as the front side.
  • Flossing made easy with TePe Bridge and Implant floss. Use the stiff end to easily insert and wrap floss around your dental implant(s). The spongy middle section removes plaque efficiently.

Remember our teeth help us speak clearly, chew food properly and maintain our facial structure. TePe wants to help ensure a healthy smile for life!

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