Cleaning your tongue

The tongue has many areas for bacteria to hide. There are small bumps, called papillae, that create places for bacteria and food particles to collect. When the tongue is not cleaned routinely, the trapped bacteria can create bad breath or even change how your food taste. Disrupting this layer of bacteria should be a part of your daily oral hygiene routine.

TePe GOOD TM tongue cleaner

The TePe GOOD TM tongue cleaner is designed to remove bacteria on the tongue to improve oral health and prevent bad breath. The design corresponds to the natural shape of the tongue, which reduces the gag reflex and makes it easier to reach far back in the mouth. The three, slightly raised cleaning blades give a triple-effect, allowing bacteria to be removed with one stroke. The tongue cleaner is dishwasher safe. The TePe GOOD TM tongue cleaner is made from bio-based plastic, meaning the carbon footprint is reduced during production.

How to use the tongue cleaner

To clean your tongue, slightly stick your tongue out and apply gentle pressure sweeping over the surface of the tongue from the most posterior portion to the tip of the tongue. If you have not been routinely cleaning your tongue, it may take a few passes of the tongue cleaner to remove the layers of bacteria. Be sure to not press too hard and if your tongue becomes tender, let it recover and then start your tongue cleaning again.

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