7 Creative Ways to Get Kids to Brush Their Teeth

Kids have many changes in routines and schedules throughout the year. They may have seasonal activities, summer or winter breaks, family vacations, and the routines of the school year. Their bodies are also changing and growing, all while they’re learning how to take care of themselves.

Maintaining their oral health is essential for life. Getting them to brush twice a day for two minutes and clean between their teeth can be challenging. Here are a few tips on teaching kids to brush.

  1. Brush to music. Play your child’s favorite song and have a dance party. There are many music videos and brushing apps for young children. Setting a 2-minute timer ensures you are brushing for the proper amount of time.
  2. Offer simple rewards. Tell your children you are proud of them and offer a high-five. Another incentive might be choosing the next movie for family night.
  3. Make a game or story of it. You could use a flashlight and “check for plaque bugs” to make sure you got them all when brushing. Have the child come up with a character for you to act like while assisting them with brushing. For example, you could be a cowboy, robot, or a cheerleader.
  4. Track their progress. You can use stamps or stickers to mark a on chart the completed task. This creates accountability and gives children a way to see their progress.
  5. Let your child be a part of choosing their own toothbrush and toothpaste. Take your child with you to the toothbrush aisle or show them options online. They can assist with choosing the oral hygiene products that are best for their needs.
  6. Give children the opportunity to be independent. Many children want to do things on their own, without the parent’s help. Instead of forcing your child to brush, try to work as a team. For example, you can ask your child “Top row or bottom row? Left side or right side?”. The child now feels in charge of brushing their teeth.
  7. Brush with them. Some children want to be like mom and dad, so model for them good oral hygiene habits. Let them know you are proud of your oral health.

Children start getting their adult teeth at the age of 6, and these teeth are meant to stay with them forever. It is important to cultivate positive oral hygiene habits into their daily routines.

TePe Toothbrushes for Children

TePe toothbrushes for children have extra soft or soft bristles and a small, tapered brush head to fit small mouths. The handle suits a small hand, and it is also convenient for the adult helping the child to brush. Bright colors and nice prints make toothbrushing more fun.

With TePe Mini™ it is easy to start brushing from the very first tooth. It is recommended for children from 0 to 3-4 years of age.


TePe Kids™ is a little larger than TePe Mini and suits children after 3 years of age.

TePe Colour™ Compact with colored bristles suits children after 3 years of age.

TePe Compact Tuft™ with an angled neck and a small, rounded tuft, makes it easy to clean the biting surfaces of emerging teeth.

TePe offers different sizes of toothbrushes for the different stages of growth. This video will guide you in understanding the features of the product and how to use the toothbrush.

Read More: https://www.mouthhealthy.org/en/life-stages/babies-and-kids/fun-ways-to-encourage-kids-to-brush

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