How to Clean a Dental Bridge

How to Clean a Dental Bridge

When missing a tooth you may notice a difference in chewing, speaking, and the way your smile looks. A bridge replaces missing teeth with artificial teeth and connects the gap where one or more teeth used to be. Bridges use the surrounding teeth to support the artificial teeth.

You can either have an implant-supported bridge or a tooth-supported bridge. Both provide a realistic look, and both are different to take care of than a natural single tooth.

Having excellent oral hygiene is necessary for you to maintain a bridge. When cleaning your bridge first identify the anchor teeth, whether that is the implant or a natural tooth. For these areas, clean like you would your normal tooth, along the gumline and between the teeth. Then identify the artificial teeth. Here you must clean all sides of the prosthetic (artificial tooth) to prevent plaque accumulation.

Below are great options TePe has available for cleaning your bridge.

  • TePe® Bridge and Implant Floss: Efficient cleaning between implants and around crowns/bridges/dentures with two stiff ends and a spongy middle portion.


  • Tepe EasyPick: Comfortable and flexible for efficient cleaning under bridges, between natural teeth, and around implants. This is a great on-the-go option. Comes in 3 different sizes.


  • TePe Universal Care: The angled neck facilitates cleaning the inside surface of the teeth, and the flat design of the bristles allow access to the neck of the implant and under bridges.


  • TePe Interspace™ Brush: The pointed design facilitates cleaning hard-to-reach areas. This brush comes with 12 removable brush heads.


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