Proper brushing and visiting the dentist


Bad breath is an issue that afflicts many people and could be more complicated than just changing our dietary habits. A vital first step to controlling oral malodors is with proper toothbrushing.  Maintaining good oral hygiene with frequent disruption of the bacteria and food particles that build up around the teeth will help to prevent and control unpleasant odors. 

Regular trips to the dentist will help to confirm that you are using the proper products to manage your oral care at home.  The dentist is a great first start if you are concerned about bad breath.  Anywhere from 80-90% of oral malodor comes from the oral cavity.  If you do not have any dental infections, you are cleaning your tongue correctly, and the dental team has checked your tonsils to confirm there are no food particles caught and creating bad breath, then they may refer you to a physician.  Nose, throat, sinuses, gastric reflux, and even metabolic diseases like diabetes can produce an unpleasant odor or bad breath.  Ensuring you are doing everything to clean your mouth correctly is an easy first step in controlling bad breath

Using a toothbrush that has a bristle design and tapered head that enables to you properly clean along the gumline and the tops of the teeth is important.  All parts of the teeth need to be cleansed of the sticky bacteria and food particles to make sure dental disease does not occur.  Cavities and gum disease like gingivitis and periodontitis can also create an unpleasant odor that comes from the mouth.  Be sure to check out the blog on how to properly brush your teeth or watch the helpful videos with tips to improve your toothbrushing technique. 

If you do have dental infections like cavities or gum disease, the dental team can help correct those issues and guide you to the proper TePe products to use at home.  If dental infections are left untreated, they can progress and result in tooth loss, root canal treatment, and can also affect your overall health.  If bad breath is persistent, this can be a sign that you need to be more proactive with your daily home care routine.  TePe is here to get you started with tailored ways to clean between your teeth and toothbrushes like the Supreme toothbrush that can disrupt bacteria along the gum line and from the tops of the teeth. 

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