Should I use an interdental brush?

Cleaning between your teeth helps prevent gum disease and cavities. According to research (Marchesan et al., 2018) there is less periodontal (gum) disease among those using interdental cleaning devices. Cleaning between the teeth 4-7 times per week yielded beneficial results.


Many people think flossing is the best tool, but there are alternatives. Internal brushes have shown to be a superior method related to high plaque removal, reduction in gum inflammation, and are often easier to use. Unlike floss, the interdental brush can reach all the grooves between your teeth. In the illustration notice how the bristles reach all the curves of the tooth. 


Here are reasons why you might choose an interdental brush:

  • Easier to use, especially for people with limited hand and finger dexterity 
  • More compliance and may take less time  
  • Effective for getting under orthodontic wires and around braces 
  • Effective in hard-to-reach areas, for example under bridges or around implants 
  • Effective between two natural teeth, especially when there is bone loss, which often mean more grooves that the bristles of the interdental brush can get into 


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