TePe Interspace™ Brush - Designed for Cleaning in Hard to Reach Areas of the Mouth

TePe Interspace™ is an angled single tuft pointed brush to improve cleaning in difficult areas to access. The removable brush tips can be attached to either side of the handle to change the angle of the brush head, giving better access for hard-to-reach areas. Yellow tips have soft bristles. Blue tips have medium bristles. TePe recommends using the soft texture on natural tooth structures and the medium texture on attachments for overdentures, orthodontic appliances, and other possible appliances. Ask your dental professional if you are unsure about which bristle texture to choose.  

TePe Interspace™ comes with 12 removable brush heads.

The TePe Interspace™ brush is great for areas such as furcations, behind the last tooth, around implants, fixed braces and much more. First, locate the area you want to clean. Look in the mirror and decide what angle would work best for you to access the hard-to-reach area. Decide which side of the handle you would like the brush. Screw the brush head on to the desired side. Then gently move the bristles back and forth for plaque disruption.


This video will guide you in understanding the features of the product and how to use the TePe Interspace™.  

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