TePe Tip: How do I know when to floss or use an interdental brush?

Dental professionals often get asked many questions about cleaning between the teeth. One of the most common includes, “Should I use an interdental brush or floss to clean between my teeth?” Both methods disrupt plaque, but the recommendation depends on your specific circumstance, so it is best to ask your dental professional during your next check-up.

Below are some reasons why you may choose an interdental brush:

  • Easier to use, especially for people with limited hand and finger dexterity
  • More compliant and may take less time
  • Effective for getting under orthodontic wires and around braces
  • Effective in hard to reach areas, for example under bridges or around implants
  • Effective between two natural teeth, especially when there is bone loss, which often means more grooves that the bristles of the interdental brush can get into.

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