The importance of the tongue

You don’t often realize how essential your tongue is in your everyday life. Your tongue helps you taste, eat, digest, and speak. While you chew the tongue assists with moving the food and swallowing. The small bumps, or papillae, on the tongue allow you to taste. The tongue is an agile and flexible muscle, giving it the ability to produce many words. The tip of the tongue is sensitive, allowing it to assist in cleaning the mouth and alerting us to different concerns.

Have you noticed once your tongue finds a sore spot in your mouth it can’t leave it alone? It is a curious creature. Let it explore your teeth after brushing to show you where you have missed. Here are some helpful tips on how to use your tongue to assist with oral hygiene.

  • After brushing your teeth, let your tongue examine each tooth.
  • Start with the very back tooth by your cheek and work your way around the entire mouth.
  • If you feel like your tooth isn’t smooth and there is still a fuzzy layer, go back and brush that area.
  • Then complete the tongue test again.
  • Let your tongue show you where you need to spend more time brushing your teeth.

Your tongue is such a useful muscle in your body. Also, remember to keep your tongue clean with the TePe tongue cleaner, as discussed last week.

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