What are the best TePe Products to treat Gum Recession?


Best TePe Products to Treat Gum Recession


Receding gums can create discomfort in the tooth and also in the gums themselves. Inflammation such as gingivitis is one cause of recession. Within the TePe product line, you can find a bristle for the many nooks and crannies of the teeth to prevent inflammation.   

TePe has an extensive line of interdental brushes that can be used between the teeth and are size for each individual’s spaces. They are all different and you will need the right size to be most effective at removing the harmful plaque biofilm that causes inflammation.   

If your gum tissue is already tender due to recession, being sure to use a soft bristle brush and use gentle strokes when brushing will be helpful. TePe Supreme has soft bristles with 2 levels. Using a gentle brushing stroke at the gum line will help to remove the plaque biofilm and prevent inflammation from causing further progression of the recession. If you feel the TePe supreme toothbrush is not soft enough and your recession is more severe, the TePe Special Care brush has 12,000 extremely soft bristles that are gentle enough to remove the plaque biofilm and be kind to the sensitive areas of recession.   

The TePe Special Care is also an excellent toothbrush to use if you have had surgery to repair the gum recession. You will need to follow your dentist’s instructions on when to start using it and be sure to watch the video for post-surgery.


For more info on gum recession, check out this article https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/312992.php?iacp  

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