What is the TePe® Implant Care Kit?

The TePe® Implant Care Kit combines different tools to reach all sides of the dental implant(s). You can effectively clean around implants with brushes designed to fit narrow areas, between the teeth, and used for on-the-go cleaning.

The gums and bone around an implant are far more sensitive to plaque and the build-up of bacteria, than around a natural tooth. The implant attaches directly to the bone, so natural defense mechanisms are limited if not cleaned properly. Maintaining a high standard of plaque control is essential to help you keep your implants for life.  


Pay extra attention to:

  • Between the implant and adjacent teeth. This is often an area where food may get trapped and plaque can hide undisrupted.
  • Where the gums and implant meet. Sometimes this can be hard to see where the implant is located, so remember to ask your dental professional exactly where your implant is placed


The TePe® Implant Care Kit has five different tools to help you maintain your implants. You will get TePe® Bridge and Implant Floss, TePe® Original Interdental Brushes, TePe EasyPick™, TePe® Implant Orthodontic Brush, and TePe Universal Care™ Brush.


  • Tepe EasyPick: Comfortable and flexible for efficient cleaning around and between implants.


  • TePe Universal Care: The angled neck facilitates cleaning from the tongue side, and the flat design of the bristles allow access to the neck of the implant.



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