Bad Breath (halitosis)

In most cases, bad breath comes from the mouth. Therefore maintaining good oral hygiene is very important to prevent bad breath.

Preventing bad breath

Cleaning the tongue is important to prevent bad breath. Your mouth contains bacteria that break down food debris. This breakdown process generates bad-smelling gases, known as volatile sulphur compounds. To prevent or treat bad breath, good oral hygiene is central – daily toothbrushing, as well as cleaning between your teeth using interdental brushes, dental floss or sticks.

Cleaning the tongue

Complete your cleaning routine by using a tongue cleaner. Bacteria thrive on the top surface of the tongue and reducing these bacteria is an important part of treating bad breath.

TePe Tongue Cleaner

TePe's tongue cleaner corresponds to the natural shape of the tongue, which makes it easier to reach far back in the mouth. A couple of strokes with the tongue cleaner is enough to remove the bacteria.

Gum disease and bad breath

If you suffer from gum inflammation or loosening of teeth (periodontitis), your mouth contains an extra amount of bacteria that contribute to bad breath. In these cases professional treatment of the diseases is necessary to help cure bad breath.