TePe® Original Interdental Brushes are Now Sustainable

Reducing the carbon footprint by 80% – without compromising on product quality, efficiency or design. TePe now offers consumers and dental professionals the opportunity to make a conscious choice by introducing a more sustainable interdental brush.

TePe® Interdental Brushes - A Sustainable Choice for Healthier Mouths

TePe® Interdental Brushes

TePe® Interdental Brushes come in 9 different color-coded sizes to fit the full spectrum of the unique spaces between your teeth. Our interdental brushes were also developed in close collaboration with dental professionals to ensure the highest quality and functionality in every detail. 

A Brush for Every Mouth

TePe’s Interdental Brushes are available in several color-coded sizes and models

TePe® Interdental Brush


Efficient cleaning between teeth to remove plaque - straight brush head, short handle, 9 sizes.

TePe® Interdental Brush

Extra Soft

Extra soft bristles for gentle and safe cleaning - straight brush head, short handle, 6 sizes.

TePe Angle™

Angled brush head for easier access - angled brush head, long handle, 6 sizes.

A Global Leader in Oral Health Care used daily by Consumers & Dental Professionals in 80+ countries worldwide

Plastic coated wire and rounded tip for safety and comfort.

Missing tooth




Sizes 0–3: Curve the flexible neck for improved access between the posterior teeth

Ergonomic handle
for a stable grip.

Flexible neck on
the smaller sizes for increased durability and access.

Sizes 4–8: Curve the wire for improved access between the posterior teeth

Our Best-Selling Product Just Got Better!

TePe® Original Interdental Brushes are Now Sustainable

 TePe has taken on the challenge of achieving Carbon Neutrality in
products and packaging by 2022! 

Our CO₂ neutrality goal will be a catalyst for our sustainability initiatives and a step towards our overarching goal to become a CO₂ neutral company.

Our Commitment to Sustainability
Sustainability at TePe means ensuring environmental, economic, and social well-being for today and tomorrow. It means meeting the needs of people and society, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. It is about living within the limits of the planet and protecting the environment. 

All TePe’s production takes place at our manufacturing plant in Malmö, Sweden, using 100% renewable energy. Part of it comes from the company’s own rooftop solar power facility. Read more about TePe’s sustainability commitment.

It's all in the details

TePe® Interdental Brush - Sometimes it's the small things that matter most. That's why we care about every detail of a TePe Interdental Brush. And why it stands out for quality, efficiency and sustainability.

We know how important your dental health is and how it affects your health in general.

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