But I'm Too Tired to Clean my Teeth at Night!

As a dental hygienist, I hear this a lot. Disturbing the bacteria that has accumulated throughout the day that is sitting along the gum line and between your teeth is very important. Brushing before bedtime is crucial because that accumulation of aggressive, disease causing bacteria won’t sit on your teeth and around your gums all night. When we sleep, it is the perfect time for the bacteria to assault our teeth and gums. We are not salivating as much and flushing away that bacteria so it sits on the gums and teeth all night.

Even though nighttime cleaning is ideal, it isn’t always possible. We are exhausted from the day and the thought of spending even just a few extra minutes on cleaning our teeth seems daunting. I get it. This is why when I clean my teeth, it isn’t always in the bathroom and it isn’t always at night. Again, nighttime cleaning is ideal, but if you do something through out the day to disrupt and dislodge the disease causing bacteria, it is better than nothing at all. Often times, I will clean between my teeth after lunch and not at night when I am tired. Or maybe you have more time in the morning for such teeth cleaning activities, so performing those actions in the morning is okay too. I suggest putting items like the TePe EasyPick or the Interdental brushes out where you can see them and put them everywhere. I keep the handy TePe EasyPick in my purse, in my desk drawer and in my car! It is a great "on-the-go" option to disrupt the bacteria and remove food between the teeth. The TePe EasyPick is also a great way to stimulate our gum tissue between the teeth, which is also an important aspect of gum health. 

Cleaning between your teeth is an extremely important aspect of fighting dental diseases but remembering to do this is sometimes hard. I joke often that I grew up flossing while watching TV. It was a great time to zone out watching a show but have my hands occupied cleaning my teeth. Now, using an interdental brush outside of the bathroom will not work at first. If inflammation is present, you will see some bleeding when initially using the brushes. Rinsing out your mouth and cleaning the brush will be important. After a week or so of cleaning, you will see less bleeding and won’t have to be tied to your bathroom sink for these cleaning habits. 

Don’t beat yourself up if you can’t do these homecare routines at night. Just think of a moment in the day where you do have time to concentrate on cleaning your teeth and do it then!  And, don't forget to check out TePe's EasyPick. It comes in a pack of 36 and has a handy travel case, allowing you to keep it with you without getting it dirty. You'll always have a great on-the-go option for improving your oral health!

TePe EasyPick



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