Could your Hygienist Save you Money?

Dental visits can go many different ways. If you have history with and enjoy your hygienist, you will probably chat and catch up on life. If they are new to you, you may critique him or her, comparing them to the last dental hygienist. However, if you are lucky, at some point they may give you some great advice, introduce you to new products (especially ones that are inexpensive and easy to use) and even encourage you to improve the disease they are seeing in your mouth. We can, at times, sound like a broken record when we ask how often you are brushing and flossing.  The good news is that we know it isn’t always easy for you to floss and TePe has products to help you reach those spaces that are hard to floss. The TePe line has 9 different color-coded sizes and your dental professional can help you find what color is the right size for your spaces.


Why TePe?


Often times, when I jokingly explained that my dental chair is a lot less painful and less expensive than the doctor’s chair, the patient found the motivation to step-up their home care routines. Since I was using the TePe brushes for so many years, naturally their products were the ones I recommended. If I sized the patient with the appropriate brush, even if the patient made minimal effort at home, (that is not a free pass to do minimal effort!) they were still more effective than a standard “one size fits all” brush. Sometimes we can forget that something as simple as a $1 brush can be what saves your oral health.

So listen up during your next dental appointment, your hygienist may have a way to help you have an inexpensive, healthy smile!

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