Do I have to brush my dental implants?

You must maintain your dental implants with proper oral hygiene at home. Implants can develop disease, just like a natural tooth.

Bacterial plaque is a sticky film that constantly forms on your teeth and implants. If you do not clean your implant(s) properly, the plaque builds up and can cause gum inflammation called peri-implant mucositis. Your gums may look red, swollen, feel sensitive or bleed easily. This can be reversed, but if plaque is not removed, the bone around the implant will start to go away.

Once there is both inflammation and loss of bone around implants it is called peri-implantitis. The implant gradually loses its attachment. This disease often goes unnoticed, so it is important to visit your dental professional regularly to discover problems as early as possible to increase the chance of successful treatment.

Other risk factors increasing potential inflammation and bone loss around an implant include poor oral hygiene, previous or active gum disease, some systemic diseases, smoking, and not attending your dental recall visits.

The development of inflammation around implants:

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