Happy Mother’s Day from TePe Oral Health Care

In celebration of Mother’s Day, we want to take a moment to think about mothers and thank them for all the efforts they put into raising children. After birth there may be seemingly endless sleepless nights that then evolve into the many actives, appointments, transportation, and the million other things mothers manage to do. To be the best mother, you must first take care of yourself. One aspect of self-care is oral health. Here at TePe we would love to give you some simple tips on oral health care related to being a mom.

Oral Health Care Tips for Moms:

  • Model the behavior you want your kids to exhibit.
  • With younger kids, it can be fun and healthy to set aside family time for teeth brushing.
  • Parents should help their children brush their teeth until they are old enough to do it themselves—usually around 8-10 years old or around the time they can write a complete address and cut out complex shapes.
  • Utilize on-the-go teeth cleaning options, like the TePe EasyPick, when life gets busy with all your kid’s commitments.
  • Remember to brush your own teeth twice a day and clean between your teeth once a day.

Some fun gift ideas for moms may include a cosmetic case filled with dental health goodies or a new toothbrush!

Thank you for taking care of your children’s teeth. Being a parent is no easy task, so we hope you get lots of hugs this weekend. Also, remember to give your mom and children your best smile! 😊

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