How to Achieve a Healthy Mouth as a Caregiver

If you notice your loved one has poor oral health, it may be a sign they need help from a caregiver. Here are some tips you can take to assist an aging loved one maintain oral health.

  • Encourage daily oral home care. Setting reminders is important. Brush twice a day and clean between the teeth once a day.
  • Keep removable dentures and partials clean. Clean daily and remove at night.
  • Schedule regular dental professional visits. This is a great preventive approach for excellent oral health. Continually check for any sores or wounds in the oral cavity that do not heal within two weeks.
  • Medications and medical conditions often have side effects. Tell your dental professional, as they may be able to offer strategies to help relieve oral concerns.
  • Encourage a healthy diet that is low in sugar to help prevent tooth decay.


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