How to effectively care for an implant

Dental implants must regularly be cleaned to disrupt plaque. If you do not properly clean your implants you are at risk of inflammation of the tissues surrounding the implant. Last week we discussed the TePe Implant Care Kit; here are some tips on how to use the oral hygiene products included in the kit.


Interdental Brushes: TePe recommends you consult your dental professional to find the right sized interdental brush for your implant. Interdental brushes clean between your teeth and implants, and the plastic coating makes it safe to use around the implants. When using the interdental brush, gently insert between the teeth and move in a back and forth motion. Do not force the brush into a space; work it in gently or choose a smaller size.


EasyPick: The TePe EasyPick is an on the go option to remove dental plaque between teeth and implants. When using the EasyPick, there are multiple sizes to choose from. The larger the space between your teeth, the bigger diameter of EasyPick you want to choose. Simply move the EasyPick in a back and forth motion between your teeth. The EasyPick is one shape, being both durable and flexible enough to reach all areas of your mouth. There is also a travel case to make it easier to store on the go.



Bridge and Implant Floss: This floss makes removing plaque and flossing easy with two stiff ends and a spongy middle portion that is comfortable along your gums. When using the bridge and implant floss, you can soak the spongy middle portion in a mouth rinse if desired. Insert one stiff end between the teeth and wrap the floss against the implant structure to remove plaque.


Universal and Implant Brush: The universal care brush reaches the tongue side of your implant, whereas the implant brush reaches the front of your implant. The narrow shape of both of these make it optimal in reaching under the implant crown to the neck of the implant. Use both the universal care brush and the implant brush along the gumline where the implant crown meets the gums. Simply move the brush in small incremental movements back and forth around the contour of the crown.


Again, TePe recommends you consult your dental professional to advise you on the best tools for your particular implant(s).

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