TePe in Clinicians Report "The BEST Products 2018"

TePe has once again been mentioned in the renowned Clinicians Report by Dr. Gordon Christensen. This time around TePe´s Interdental Brushes were presented in the issue called ´´Best Products for 2018´´.

As previously stated, TePe USA recently had a collaboration with Dr. Gordon Christensen, who is a prestigious key opinion leader within the odontological field in the U.S. TePe was mentioned in the latest report from January. According to the report, the primary advantages of TePe´s interdental brushes were; the wide variety of sizes, the ergonomic handle, easy to use, soft bristles and efficient cleaning. The report is based on rigorous independent evaluation and testing during the past 12 months.

See full report!

As a professional, if you would like to help your patients be more successful at home with their interdental cleaning, her is how you GET STARTED


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