TePe Universal Care™ Brush


TePe Universal Care™ specialty brush has a unique contra-angled handle to enable easy access for hard-to-reach areas and a slim brush design to fit in narrow areas. The angle of the neck is perfectly suited for the inside surfaces of the teeth. The bristles are end-rounded making it gentle on your gums. The angle of the neck of the brush can be adjusted in hot water.



It is optimal for implants, under bridges, retroclined teeth, lingual braces or retainer, tongue-side lower molars to prevent gag reflex, or back of the last molar.

Like the name “universal” suggests, there are many different areas of your mouth this can be used. This brush should be used daily to disrupt the bacteria in those hard-to-reach areas. Simply move the brush in a back-and-forth motion. This motion is preferred around single implants, tongue side of lower molars to prevent gag reflex, the back of the last molar, tilted teeth, and around cemented retainers. There are two rows of bristles, so a sweeping motion is ideal for under bridges or implant dentures. 


This video will guide you in understanding the features of the product and how to use the TePe Universal Care™ specialty brush.

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