Properly Sizing & Using TePe Original Interdental Brushes

TePe Original Interdental Brushes come in 9 different color-coded sizes to fit the full spectrum of the unique spaces between your teeth. Identifying the correct size(s) for your teeth is easy - watch this video below for information on finding the correct size brush and how to properly use our Interdental Brushes!!



How to Use the Interdental Brush 

  1. Use your interdental brush once a day, preferably in the evening before toothbrushing. 
  2. With nine sizes, you must find the perfect one for you. You want the bristles to fit snuggly between the teeth, but the wire should not be touching either adjacent tooth.
  3. When using, insert gently and move the interdental brush full length back and forth a few times. Make sure you clean between every tooth. 
  4. If it’s difficult to reach further back in the mouth, bend the brush by pressing the flexible tip (sizes pink to blue) or bend the wire like a “C shape” (sizes yellow to gray). 
  5. After you’re done, rinse your brush with water and let it dry until the next use. You can put the ventilated cap on for extra protection.

Replacing Your Interdental Brush

Change the brush when the bristles become worn and start to collapse. The purpose of the bristles is to mechanically debride all surfaces between the teeth, and if the bristles are collapsed they may not reach all those grooves and depressions.


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    i would like to order size o size 1 size 2

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