Why Cleaning your Mouth during Orthodontics is so Essential?

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Our teeth have 5 surfaces to clean: the cheek side, tongue side, chewing surfaces, and between the teeth on the sides. There are already many nooks and crannies that can catch food and plaque. When the food or plaque is left on the tooth, a disease typically begins. Now, add the addition of orthodontic brackets, wires, spacers, or any other device that is needed to adjust your teeth, and you have the addition of so many more surfaces to care for.

There are many reasons you will need to step up your care once you have braces placed:

1- Food can get caught everywhere! In the front, in the back, just everywhere. Carrying little “cleaners” with you will become standard procedure.

2- Food AND plaque get caught everywhere. Food can be embarrassing for sure, but plaque remaining on the tooth and around the brackets can create dental disease. Getting a cavity while in orthodontics can delay how long you have braces. A great reason to be extra diligent in cleaning your teeth!

3- Plaque not only creates cavities and gum disease but if it is left on the tooth surface for too long, it can create a “white spot,” or a scar on the tooth. This means it will not go away. Once you get your braces, you will be excited to see beautiful straight teeth, but may be met with a scar that shows the outline of the orthodontic bracket. Be sure to clean around the brackets to prevent these “white spots.”

4- When the teeth and gums are not cared for during orthodontic treatment, the gums can start to swell. If they swell around the brackets, this can be painful, harder to clean and make it difficult when it is time for the braces to come off. A good cleaning routine and gum stimulation can help prevent this from happening.


Orthodontics can be an expensive investment that takes time. Be sure to take good care of your investment so that you can be met a gorgeous, clean smile once you are all done!



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